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Pre mlp4 fun packs

My Little Pony Fun Packs in Hobby booster

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My Little Pony - Series 4 - Fun Packs in Hobby (1 booster)


Standard Packs in Hobby Displays (with box toppers).

Packs include:
- 6 Trading Cards
- 1 Sticker Card
- 1 FunTat® Tattoo Card
- Foil Cards (approx. 1:2 packs)
- Special die-cut (shaped) cards (approx. 1:24 packs)
- Die-cut box-toppers in hobby boxes(4 to collect)


About Fun Packs

This is one of the most exciting trading card sets in a very long time! Series 4 of the My Little Pony trading cards is packed full of fun and excitement! Look for great new content, fun trivia, great artwork, new episode cards, tattoos, stickers, foil cards, special treatments, and much more!
There are some special new features in Series 4, like die-cut cards, special finishes, and more! Collectors will be stunned if they find a card from the 1-of-1 parallel subset! Yes, there is a subset of cards, where there is only a single version of each card available – these exceptionally rare cards are inside Series 4 packs and are very special!
Also for the first time, fan-drawn cards will also be featured. Artwork from the MLP Create-a-Card Contest is included in Series 4 – and these cards are FANtastic and very fun! New characters, new episodes, new songs, and of course, plenty of Easter egg surprises to keep core fans guessing. There is too much collectible fun to list!

Set Features:
- Shaped Cards (Die-cut)
- Foil Cards
- Special 1-of-1Parallel Set
- All-new ShowContent
- Special Finishes
- Fan created artwork
- Fun Trivia
- Box Toppers

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