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15690 - UP - PRO-Storage: 3-Drawer Organizer

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15690 - Utra Pro - PRO-Storage: 3-Drawer Organizer


UPgrade your card storage with the PRO-Storage 3-Drawer Organizer by Ultra PRO. With 3 spacious drawers to accommodate cards stored in sleeves, toploaders, ONE-TOUCH, or otherwise unprotected, the rigid polypropylene materials are acid-free and non-PVC for premium storage. Take advantage of a snap-fit lid and removable drawers, allowing you to easily access all three drawers from an open top or bring one drawer to the table at a time. For further organization, this organizer includes 9 matching card dividers and a front display slot on each drawer sized to fit a standard size trading card. With outer dimensions of 12.96 in. x 5.95 in. x 13.5 in. and a recessed base, these organizers stack safely and store easily in most standard shelving systems.

-3-drawer storage solution sized to hold 1,000+ standard trading cards (500+ double-sleeved)

-Card-sized front display slot for labeling drawers

-Includes 9 dividers for enhanced in-drawer organization

-Snap-fit removable lid and drawers for easy access to cards

-Stackable and fits in most standard shelving systems

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