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Rune Stones - Enchanted Forest EN/DE/FR/NL

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Rune Stones - Enchanted Forest







Rune Stones is a deck building and hand management game with a clever twist on the genre, by acclaimed designer Rüdiger Dorn. Players play as Druids trying to forge powerful Rune Stones and earn the right to rule over the magical kingdom. You must buy cards and use them to gain gems and forge artifacts, all in a race to 65 points. But be careful—every card has a unique number on it, and when you play two cards, the higher numbered card will be destroyed. Artifacts help players build Rune Stones, which give powerful abilities, and will accelerate you towards victory. 

The release of Rune Stones has met with critical acclaim, including Top 20 rankings at the Essen Game Fair (tied for 10th by Fairplay and 16th in BGG Geekbuzz) and BGG Con, and the entire first print run has sold out already. Coinciding with a second print run of the game will be a second expansion which brings more variability and a new mechanic to the game.

This new expansion, along with the Nocturnal Creatures expansion, will be for sale in this print run only directly from Queen Games, and will not be sold into distribution.

Rune Stones Expansion 2: Enchanted Forest


The second Expansion to Rune Stones includes two modules: Rune Influx and Familiars.

Rune Influx comes with 8 totally new rune stones for players to discover new strategies with. With double the number of Rune Stones, the possibilities are vast. The module also includes rules for playing with all Rune Stones in a single game.

Familiars introduces animal assistants and an enchanted forest. Send your familiars into the forest to earn endgame points, as one as powerful one-time abilities which may be saved and used at the opportune moment. 

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