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Legendary - Spider-Man Homecoming

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Legendary - Spider-Man Homecoming


A Marvel Deckbuilding Small Box Expansion


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 • Expansion consists of 100 all new playable cards, Color Rule sheet.
• First expansion to feature movie imagery and characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!
• This is not a stand-alone product, Core set is required for gameplay.
• Special Promo Card in each box (first print run only).

Play through the Spider-Man Homecoming storyline within Legendary!
14th expansion in the Legendary Family
The game will feature 5 new heroes, 2 Villain groups, 2 New Masterminds and 4 new schemes.
The return of Epic Masterminds! (If your thought their regular version was hard, turn the card over !) and Heroic Bystanders! (When rescued they join the fight!)
Returning and all new game mechanics, PLUS the fan-favorite Coordinate migrating over from Legendary Encounters.
Use Peter Parker and friends, including Tony Stark in their cinematic setting.
Each Small Box Expansion Set comes with 100 playable cards featuring movie images!

o 100 Total New Playable Card Set
o Authentic Movie Images
o 1 page color rule sheet

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