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Traveller CCG Ship Deck Type S Scout

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Traveller CCG Ship Deck Type S Scout


One of the most common starships within the Imperium is the tested and tried Type S scout/courier. Originally produced to specification for the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, this sleek and simple ship was intended for common courier duties within the Imperium, and simple survey and exploration duties beyond the Imperial borders.

Because the scout/courier is a standard design, the Scout Service has a large quantity of the vessels on hand, with the natural result that some are sold at surplus and find their ways into private or commercial hands, while others are scrapped. In addition, however, many are diverted to a scout program called detached duty. Under the direction of the Scout Service’s Detached Duty Office, some former or retired scout personnel are provided with scout/couriers for their own use.

The Type S Scout Ship Deck includes a rules insert and 81 cards:

1 Type S Scout Ship Card
20 Adventure Cards
60 Captain’s Cards

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