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HeroClix - Marvel - Secret Wars - Battleworld Booster

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HeroClix - Marvel - Secret Wars - Battleworld Booster


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- 1 Booster contains 5 HeroClix figures


Marvel Universes combine to form the collective Battleworld planet in this brand-new HeroClix 5-figure booster set!
Dominate the tabletop with powerful “Barons” of each Battleworld domain! Explore uncharted territory with exciting
characters from the Marvel Universe as you have never seen them before!
There are plenty of new characters and stories to explore and some new takes on fan favorites like the Avengers, Runaways,
and Captain America with the popular Shifting Focus trait! 

There will be a showdown in The Valley domain featuring Wild West versions of Avengers like Sheriff Steve Rogers, Tony
Stark, Black Widow, and more. Play with heroes from the Spider-Island storyline like Iron Fist, Hulk, and Captain
Marvel, to fight against the baroness Spider-Queen.

Weirdworld was a critically-acclaimed, fan-favorite part of Battleworld, now follow Arkon the Magnificent as he travels
through the ever-changing Weirdworld domain. He runs into many strange places and characters like the swamp inhabited
by Man-Things, the Kingdom of the Torch ruled by Witch Queen Le Fay, and the crystal labyrinth led by the revived

If you’re feeling worthy, pick up the Thor Corps. Ranging from never-before-seen in HeroClix characters like Dino Thor and
Destroyer Thor to fan-favorite Ultimate Thor (who was last seen in HeroClix almost 15 years ago)!
There will be something for everyone in this booster set with plenty of brand new shared traits, new Battleworld themed
teams, and more never-before-clixed characters like Erik Killmonger, Regent, and Viv Vision!

16 Commons (plus 1 Prime)
16 Uncommons (plus 1 Prime)
16 Rares (plus 1 Prime)
12 Super Rares (plus 1 Prime)
6 Chases

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