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HeroClix - Marvel - Avengers Fantastic Four Empyre Play at Home Kit

€ 9,10 (inclusief btw 21%)
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HeroClix - Marvel - Avengers Fantastic Four Empyre Play at Home Kit


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Brand new “Play at Home” kits are designed to give everyone a chance to receive a promotional figure to celebrate the Avengers Fantastic Four Empyre set release.

This version of Wolverine represents the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men all in one figure! He is able to fit on many themed team and does everything you would expect from the best at what he does!

This kit also comes with a double-sided map that has each square individually labeled to make it easier to play HeroClix remotely. If both players have the same map from the Play at Home kit, they can have their own set up and follow along while playing.

Unlike Release Day OP kits, this SKU will be available for purchase individually by anyone.

Play at Home Kit Contents:

One (1) Limited Edition Figure with Character Card

One (1) Double-Sided 24” x 36” Map

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