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Judge Dredd Street Judges

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Judge Dredd Street Judges


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To the average Mega-City One inhabitant, the most obvious symbol of the power and authority of the Justice Department is the Street Judge. These formidable individuals are responsible for the strict enforcement of the law on the dangerous streets of the ‘Big Meg', where they act as judge, jury and executioner.

Crimes ranging from littering to first-degree murder fall within their remit and the punishments of a perpetrator can vary from a stern word of admonition, a crack on the head with a daystick, to imprisonment in an isolation cube or, in the most serious cases, a Lawgiver execution round.

Becoming a Judge is a lifelong undertaking and many individuals falter on the arduous path. Some end up on the streets disenchanted and bitter at what might have been whilst for many Street Judges Resyk will be their final destination.

Box contains:

5 Warlord resin Judge miniatures
Plastic bases
2 Unit cards
1 Armoury card: Anti-Grav Chutes
1 Big Meg card: Riot Foam
Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

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