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SW Imperial Assault - Skirmish Map - Jabba’s Palace

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SW Imperial Assault - Skirmish Map - Jabba’s Palace


“If I told you half the things I’ve heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you’d probably short-circuit.”
–C-3PO, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The Empire holds sway over much of the galaxy; its oppressive banners fly high above countless worlds. But on the Outer Rim, though the Empire may claim dominion, the true power is held by the underworld—the criminals, smugglers, assassins, bounty hunters, slavers, and enforcers who make their unscrupulous living by fighting for the highest bidder. Now, you can travel into the heart of these mercenaries’ power on Tatooine—the Jabba’s Palace Skirmish Map for Imperial Assault is now available for order!

You Will Take Me to Jabba Now

As the Jabba’s Palace skirmish map enters the tournament rotation for Imperial Assault, there’s no better way for you to experience these battles than with this neoprene playmat. Measuring 26” by 26”, this playmat portrays the tangled corridors, Jabba’s throne room, and the rancor pit printed directly onto the mat, ensuring that your setup will never take more than a few moments. 

Once your match begins, you’ll soon find that the spacious borders around the map give you plenty of room to place your Deployment cards, Command deck, and tokens, while keeping them out of the way of the action. The Jabba’s Palace Skirmish Map even includes extra copies of the Skirmish cards for this map’s missions, providing you with a quick and easy reference to objectives, special rules, and setup zones.

And of course, the playmat promises to draw you into the cinematic events at the beginning of Return of the Jedi with stunning artwork of two characters from the Star Wars universe. On one side, you’ll find Jabba the Hutt, leering over his palace and ruling his court with a slimy fist. Opposing him, you can see Luke Skywalker, now trained in the ways of the Force and prepared to end Jabba’s reign of terror on Tatooine.

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