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SW Imperial Assault - Ahsoka Tano Rebel Instigator

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SW Imperial Assault - Ahsoka Tano Rebel Instigator


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Ahsoka Tano, Rebel Instigator

Forced to confront such powerful dark side Force users as Emperor Palpatine and Maul, the Rebels on Coruscant will be more than delighted to welcome Ahsoka Tano and her talents to their cause. With her Twin Sabers and Vigor, Ahsoka Tano brings the sort of determination and energy that just might help the Rebels win their battles—whether on Coruscant or another planet.

A Force User, Leader, and Spy, Ahsoka is capable of playing a range of roles within your army, but no matter how you intend to factor her talents into the larger composition of your army and command deck, you'll find her eager to contribute—always ready to leap into melee and press the attack.

With both Vigor and Force Leap able to modify her movement—separately or in combination—Ahsoka is far faster than her speed of "4" would suggest. The truth is that her speed is much closer to six or eight, depending whether or not you want to store a token. This means her melee attacks are also far deadlier than they would initially appear, especially when you factor in her Twin Sabers ability.

Because she can cross the battlefield so quickly, Ahsoka can direct her melee attacks wherever they're most effective, rather than slicing at the nearest foe simply because it's closest. This means she'll be calling her own shots, rather than reacting to your opponent's positioning of his or her units.

Ahsoka can bolster your forces even more by drawing upon the abilities made possible through her five new command cards.

  • With Force Push,  Ahsoka or your other Force User could pull an enemy into reach of your melee combatant, thrust Diala Passil into position between two enemies she could strike with her Sarlacc Sweep, or fling an enemy combatant just far enough away from one of your wounded units that you'll have a chance to heal before the enemy strikes.
  • Force Jump allows Ahsoka to move as many as thirteen spaces in a turn, in combination with Force Leap and Vigor, or it allows someone like Obi-Wan to rush to the enemy with unexpected speed.
  • Balancing Force introduces a measure of healing that's only symmetrical if your opponent has three damaged figures that you haven't already finished off.
  • Fool Me Once takes advantage of Ahsoka's Spy trait and breaks the loops created by Leia Organa and command cards like Targeting Network.
  • Finally, while Ahsoka's signature command card, Right Back At Ya!,  doesn't strengthen any of your other units, it still strengthens any army that Ahsoka joins. Playable any time your opponent declares an attack against Ahsoka, the card deals a free point of damage, much like Luke Skywalker's Jedi Deflect ability, except that it's not restricted to ranged damage and Ahsoka can increase the damage to three points if she spends a token during the attack. So long as this card is in your hand or command deck, then, your opponent has to think carefully about declaring attacks against Ahsoka, and that fact can give you a psychological advantage in your battles.

When the three damage Ahsoka could deal him with Right Back At Ya! could destroy him, The Grand Inquisitor has to think twice about attacking her.

Wield the Force

"For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."

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