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Star wars rpg   fad   disciples of harmony   a sourcebook for consulars

Star Wars RPG - FAD - Force and Destiny Disciples of Harmony

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Star Wars RPG - FAD - Disciples of Harmony

- A Sourcebook for Consulars

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There is no single path to peace, but the Galactic Empire has ensured that all such routes are fraught with danger. The Consular works with the Force to bring peace wherever they go, and the all-new Disciples of Harmonysourcebook expands players' options in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, including three new specializations and adding on three new species.

Although all it takes to be a successful Consular is a desire to see justice done, some species are more inclined to seek balance and peace in a way that lines up with the ways of the Consular. The Arkanian, Cosian, and Pau'an species are presented in Disciples of Harmony, opening your campaign to cultures focused on Jedi lore, negotiating, and medicine, each having a unique view of the Force.

Today's preview provides a look at each of these three species and how they play into the role of the Consular.

Arkanian: Cold and Calculating

Surviving on their ice-covered homeworld has bred a confidence into Arkanians that much of the galaxy regards as arrogance. A cold and calculating race, they are primarily known for their advanced bioengineering technologies, having elevated the science to an artform. The Arkanians have created a rigid caste system through genetic engineering, pursuing a quest of genetic perfection. Impure Arkanians are viewed as shadows of the highest caste at best and slaves at worst.

Although they resemble humans in most respects, the white eyes and white claw-like nails of the Arkanian set them apart. While these traits distance them from humanity, they are viewed as markers of pure genetics on Arkania. Despite their humanoid appearance, the Arkanians are remarkably long lived, often living for more than a century and enjoying at least fifty years of prime health. Many point to this longevity as yet another sign of their genetic superiority over other species. 

When an Arkanian shows strength in the Force, they typically take a more scientific view, investigating and experimenting to develop a better understanding. Many Arkanian Force-sensitives realize that attaining perfection in this craft requires an understanding of and compassion for other species.

Players who choose an Arkanian will begin the game with a rank in Medicine and have Dark Vision when making skill checks in darkness.

Cosian: Soft-Spoken and Genial

The reptilian Cosians have a hunched posture and gentle demeanor that leaves an impression of harmlessness, helplessness, or even senility—but that could not be further from the truth. The sharp minds and keen senses of the Cosian are valued among adventurers, constantly observing and eager to learn more about the larger galaxy. The combination of an aged sense of wisdom and a genuine childlike excitement at the discovery of new places and beings casts the Cosian as a bit of a paradox. Any Cosian will tell you that they are simply taking each day as it arrives, and that anyone who believes they have learned all there is to learn is doing themselves a great disservice. 

Able to reach up to two hundred years of age, Cosians are one of the longest lived species in the galaxy. Though often hunched over their clawed feet, a Cosian can rise to a full height of around 1.8 meters tall, bringing their long face and beaked mouth up to look you in the eye. A species of contradictions, their green-scaled reptilian bodies carry the threat of a predator while tufts of hair on the tail and head (often accompanied by a beard) paint the Cosian as a wizened old hermit.

The lush forest world of Cosia is found in the Deep Core and is the only inhabited planet in the Cosia system. Each village operates independently, but while the Cosians live in a kind of isolation that would befit an Ascetic Consular, they were actually early members of the Republic. Though welcoming diversity and negotiation, the villages on Cosia have been virtually untouched by technology—Republic starports were built well outside the boundaries of their settlements. Under the rule of the Galactic Empire, Cosians have reverted to extreme isolationism.

Players who choose the Cosian species will begin the game with a rank in Knowledge (Lore), and their strong-backed nature gives them an extra encumbrance threshold of 10 + Brawn.

Pau'an: Gaunt and Ghoulish

The Pau'an may look like a creature from your nightmares, but their intimidating presence and ferocious features are often quickly contradicted by soft-spoken, diplomatic, and friendly personalities. It is not known whether this kindness is an inherent trait of the species or if it's a conscious effort by the Pau'ans to counteract their unusual appearance, but their demeanor makes them innately skilled negotiators and diplomats. 

Utapau is located in the distant reaches of the Outer Rim, and its rocky, arid surface is routinely bombarded by winds and storms. Sinkholes dotting the surface of the planet descend deep, with some reaching the planet's core—it is in this sinkholes where Pau'ans make their homes, mining ore from the walls and drawing water from underground seas. It was once believed that the first Jedi Temple was built here, though none have found evidence in support of the claim.

After the Galactic Empire claimed the planet Utapau for themselves, most Pau'ans fled to the corners of the galaxy and now use their diplomatic talents to avoid hostility and protect their clans. Imperial fortifications now cover the surface, with guards stationed at the sinkholes. It is unknown what goes on below. 

The Pau'an tower over most sentient beings, their extended limbs and elongated fingers looking oversized even for their two-meter frames; with their hairless bodies, deep-set eyes, and sharp fangs, it is no wonder the Pau'an are initially feared. Known across the galaxy as "The Ancients," the Pau'ans have extraordinarily long lifespans, with some having lived over a thousand years.

Players who choose the Pau'an will begin the game with a rank in Negotiation or Coercion and have Sensitive Hearing that can enhance Perception and Vigilance checks.

Start on the Path to Harmony

We hope these three new species kindled your sense of creativity and have given you ideas to expand your campaign beyond the core rulebook. Start thinking of how the Pau'an, Cosian, and Arkanian can fit into your game and discover three new specializations for the Consular in Disciples of Harmony, coming soon. Be sure to visit a gaming store near you to pre-order this Star Wars: Force and Destiny sourcebook today.


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