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Akora TCG 1st Edition Spellbound Wings booster box

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Akora TCG 1st Edition Spellbound Wings booster box


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Spellbound Wings 1st Edition features a plethora of fan-favourite rarities a gameplay overhaul and new innovations to the TCG space, featuring;

• 24 Full Art Rares.
• 6 Generational Rares.
• 80 Holographic Cards.
• 206 Mechanically Unique cards.
• 3 1 of 100 Serialised Cards. 1 in the booster box and 2 in the box toppers.
• An Ancient & Secret Rare which re-define collectibility with only 5 of each existing.
• 6 Booster boxes in a case.
• 36 Booster Packs in a booster box.
• 10 cards per pack.

This is a feature-rich set providing 24 Akora chains in which each chain has 3 stages, meaning there are 72 amazing Akora to collect and play with. 9 attributes, and 5 types there is a playstyle for everyone. Utilising powerful Alchemy cards, players will battle it out to become Master Alchemists.

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