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Ff tcg dawn of heroes booster display

FF TCG Dawn of Heroes Booster Display

€ 139,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Productcode XFFTDZZZ83
EAN code 4988601366687
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FF TCG Dawn of Heroes Booster Display

- EN

- 36 boosters per booster display


One display contains 36 booster displays.

Square Enix is proud to announce the milestone 20th Booster Pack set in the FFTCG Opus series, “Dawn of Heroes”. This new expansion continues to evolve, adding even more diversity in deck construction and game strategy. Additionally, the set includes beloved characters from the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY XIV, making it a must for players and collectors alike. Cards with gorgeous new illustrations were also created specifically for Dawn of Heroes. NOW is the time to enjoy the ever-growing world of “FFTCG”!

Dawn of Heroes includes a new card with the Special rarity, an extremely rare variant of a Full Art Foil card which was first introduced in the “Resurgence of Power” booster expansion. This latest Special Card features Estinien[20-088L], a fan-favorite character from FINAL FANTASY XIV. 
Furthermore, one full art Premium Foil Zenos[20-130L], another popular character from FINAL FANTASY XIV, will be included with each box as a Buy-a-Box Promo.
Additionally, Legacy Cards, which are full art versions of past Legend cards popular for their artwork/gameplay, are included in this expansion as well. These are: Kuja[11-090L], The Emperor [12-029L], and Neo Exdeath[12-110L]. Both Special Cards and Legacy Cards can be played in tournaments, just like normal cards.

•1 pack includes 12 cards
•1 box includes 36 packs
•1 pack includes 1 premium card

Card Count  130 Standard / 158 Premium (including 26 Full Art, 1 Special card and 1 Crystal Card)

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