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Spellenboom heracles

MegaCorp - BiW - Starter Deck - Heracles, Senior Counsel

€ 16,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Megacorp is a trading card game set in the dark post-capitalist era of mankind's colonization of the galaxy.

It is now around 10,000 AD. Governments have now ceased to be the primary actors of human destiny, and instead corporations have taken over the drudge of maintaining infrastructure and advancing scientific development. The AIs achieved a intelligence singularity... and abandoned us several thousand years ago.

Humanity has evolved into three fronts:

The Corp

The majority of the human race is encompassed by Corp citizens, whose very lives are valued in the stock exchange, monitored through compulsory cybernetic implants and have the most advanced form of post-capitalistic society; nations don't exist. Only corporations.

The Incarnates

The Incarnates are the successors of the transhumanist movements that converged into an uber-liberal, self-deterministic superpower who have abandoned the fetters of morality. They possess the most advanced medical and genetic technology

The Gnost

"The poor, disenfranchised masses who eschew both the capitalistic technocrats and genetic wizardry are the remaining unaltered humans. A paradoxical gathering of faithful led by powerful demagogues wielding inexplicable metaphysical powers. Some among them possess the fabled irreproducable Magellan Cells."

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