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FF TCG Cloud VS Sephiroth 2-Player Starter Set

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Final Fantasy TCG - Cloud VS Sephiroth 2-Player Starter Set


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 In this set, there are two decks you can use to play straight out of the box – one is the “Cloud Deck,” which includes Cloud and other playable characters, and the other is the “Sephiroth Deck,” containing vicious villains such as Sephiroth.

Each deck will contain 15 cards (five (5) different types, three (3) cards each) that will be making their first appearances, which means you will find 30 brand-new cards across the two decks. Amongst those new cards, there will be one (1) premium, full art card (cards with no card name or borders around the card text) of [11-136S] Cloud and [11-138S] Sephiroth, which is sure to make this a collector’s item.

❑ Prebuilt Deck (Cloud): 50 cards
❑ Prebuilt Deck (Sephiroth): 50 card
❑ Quick Starter Guide: 2

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