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FF TCG - Emissaries Of Light Booster Display

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FF TCG - Emissaries Of Light Booster Display


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The FINAL FANTASY TCG saga continues with the first booster expansion of 2022! This new Opus brings together a plethora of protagonists from almost all of the various mainline and spin-off FINAL FANTASY titles, letting players create their ultimate dream team.

The new “Crystal” game mechanic introduced with Crystal Dominion makes its return in Emissaries of Light, bringing new possibilities to deck construction and strategy, thus expanding on the fun gameplay of FFTCG.

Additionally, Emissaries of Light will include the Premium version of the Starter cards included in the FINAL FANTASY X Custom Starter Set, available on February 25th. Among those Starter cards, brand-new artwork will be featured as Premium Full Art. It’s sure to appeal to FFTCG collectors out there.


- 1 pack contains 12 cards
- 1 (display) box contains 36 packs
- 1 pack includes 1 Premium card

Number of cards included

- Normal: 130 kinds
- Premium: 166 kinds
- (Among those, 24 Full Art cards)

Premium Full Art cards of some of the most popular Legend cards released in past booster packs will join the ranks of Emissaries of Light. Three kinds will be included:

- Lightning [1-141L]
- Lenna [3-144L]
- Vayne [9-022L]

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