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Final Fantasy TCG - From Nightmares Booster Display

€ 122,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Final Fantasy TCG - From Nightmares Booster Display

- EN

- 36 Boostersp per Booster Display


Continuing from "Resurgence of Power", this booster set will also feature Multi-Element cards and bring more diversity and depth to deck building and game strategies. This set will even include a Multi-Element card with 4 different elements, offering never seen before possibilities for Multi-Element cards which were limited to 2 elements now. Embrace the Nightmares, and the ever-growing world of FFTCG!

With numerous rare cards, a newly added title and stunning original artwork, this new set packs a ton of value and will be a "dream" for all the collectors!

• 24 Full art Cards
• 1 Special Card - Full Art Foil Cloud [19-114L] featuring a foil stamp of Tetsuya Nomura's autograph (and usable in the same way as a Standard card)
• 1 Crystal Card
• 1 Box topper - Full Art Foil Yuna [19-118L]
• 3 Legacy card - Yuna [6-124L] / Lenna [12-109L] / Locke [12-116L]

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